Should You Remove Seats and Other Parts when Detailing?

Should You Remove Seats and Other Parts when Detailing? In this video, we’re taking a look at whether professional detailers should be removing seats and other parts from customer cars when detailing, and the risks and requirements in doing so. […]

Thinking Like and Entrepreneur, Not a Technician

In this video series, we’re discussing the difference between thinking and acting like an entrepreneur vs. thinking and acting like a technician. Entrepreneur: Visionary Planner Employer Owner Strategist Forward-Thinking Resourcer Technician: Worker Implementer Employee – Even Self-Employed Task/Process Oriented Present […]

Auto Detailing Podcast Video Edition – Business Financing, Debt, Work/Life Balance

With another installment of the Auto Detailing Podcast with Jimbo Balaam, we discuss business debt, financing, money, and also creating a good work/life balance. For another great perspective on work/life balance, check out Nigel Marsh’s Ted Talk. Visit […]