Coating Bottle Bag

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Protect Your Coating Bottle and Keep it Close with This Coating Bottle Bag!

Tired of trying to find a place to put your Coating Bottle? Fumble no more! With this Coating Bottle Bag, you can keep your coating bottle right on your hip in your Detailer's Helper Standard or HD Tool Belt!

Fewer Spills
Less Potential for Dirt Transfer from the Bottle
More Efficient Work - Especially important with fast flashing coatings

Bag is approximately 6" tall and 2.5" wide, and will fit either the Standard or HD Tool Belt.

Image note - you will notice that we've purposely used images that do not explicitly indicate a particular company's coating. It is our intention to support our entire industry and their products as much as we can. We have, however, used 3 different sizes of bottles to show the variations, a small thin bottle, a fatter bottle of the same height, and a large tall spray bottle.

Shipping - If you're ordering JUST a single coating bag, select first class shipping during checkout.

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