How to Setup Detailer's Helper HD Tool Belt

Since the HD tool belt is a little different in design than our standard belt, we thought it would be a good idea to give a quick run down of the easiest way to get your new HD Tool Belt setup. Components:

  • 16oz Logo Bag
  • 32oz Bag
  • Pad/Accessories Bag
  • Phone Bag
  • Polisher Bag
  • Cord Loop
  • Belt
  • Buckle
  • Sleeve


  1. Lay everything out on a table or the floor to get organized.
  2. Take the belt without the buckle and wrap it around your waist to get an idea of the size it needs to be adjusted. You'll be adjusting both ends equally as you put them on the buckles, so take note of how much you will fold each end over after inserting them into the buckle sides.
  3. Lay the belt down with the VELCRO side down.
  4. Decide which bags you will place on the belt and in what order. You can refer to the product pictures and videos for how we do it, and you'll find your best configuration after using it for a while.
  5. Slide the bag loops onto the belt (one or both ends), with the bag openings face-up until all desired bags are on the belt.
  6. Unbuckle each side of the buckle and thread the belt through the buckle loops.
  7. Fold each side of the belt so that the Velcro locks onto itself.
  8. Squeeze each end of the loop down to flatten it against itself (the small loop from the Velcro to where it meets the buckle.)
  9. Slide the sleeve over the buckle and belt, leaving the buckle exposed.
  10. Clip the buckles together around yourself, we prefer to buckle in front, then slide the buckle around back, but you can configure it best for yourself.
  11. Slide the sleeve over the buckle.
  12. Use the belt and enjoy your time savings!

Polisher Bag Note - the bag is designed so that you can place the polisher with the cord end down, and then the head will catch on the bag opening. It should accommodate even the longest of polishers without serious binding on the cord end, but please be aware of any potential damage to the cord. 

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