Warranty, Care & Returns


We've tried to provide the highest quality auto detailing tool belt product possible, but we understand sometimes, things happen. We're happy to warranty the belt for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase, and will repair or replace the belt, bags, or accessories within that time frame. Make sure you contact us to receive return instructions. Buyer is responsible for shipping the damaged/warranty piece back to us for repair or replacement. We will pay for shipping the repair or replacement back to the buyer.

Note - this belt should not be considered heavy-duty like some construction belts out there. The main goal with construction and materials is to ensure that the belt is as paint-friendly as possible while providing a great utility belt option for detailers and other industries. To that end, under really heavy use and abuse, issues with the seams or other materials may occur, which may not be covered under warranty.

Any caustic chemicals (like wheel acid) will also eat cotton, of which the bags are made. Burn throughs and destruction from chemicals are not covered under warranty. In addition, the bottle bags are meant to hold regular bottles from up to approximately 48oz. They are not designed to hold extreme weight, and will not support it, and will likely tear. Overloading or using the belt/bags for uses for which they are not intended may also not be covered under warranty.


The materials of the bags may be placed in a standard washing machine on DELICATE cycle ONLY. The belt and cord wrangler should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. In our own experience, using a damp cloth on the bags is sufficient. Note also that washing may affect the dye intensity of the bags (ie: they may look faded) and the screen printing.

NOTE - this should NOT be consider a "wear and wash" item, as if it were clothing. Just like a t-shirt or sweatshirt, the more you wash it, the weaker the materials will get, so it is recommended that you only wash it occasionally. For most owners, wiping it down with a damp cloth (even the bags) is sufficient.

You may also some fraying on the inside of the HD buckle cover on the edge of the fabric, this is normal, and can be trimmed off (careful of the seam itself). Remnant threads may also be present from the manufacturing process and can be trimmed carefully (avoiding the seams again).

We Want You to Love It! (Returns):

Try it for 60 Days!

We understand that sometimes you order something, and then just decide not to keep it. We're happy to take the unused item back in that case. Within 60 days, just package it up and send it back to us, no fuss, no muss! Again, just make sure you contact us to receive return instructions. Item must be in unused condition and purchased within the last 60 days to be eligible for a return.



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