Production Tool Belt

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Save up to 30 Minutes Per Detail with this Production Tool Belt!

When was the last time you bought a product that pays for itself? When you use a Detailer's Helper tool belt, you save time, and when you save time, you make more money. Our tool belts pay for themselves in just a couple of details.

We've specifically designed this tool belt for high-volume production shops to give maximum efficiency at an entry level price point.

Detailer's Helper tool belts are a proven tool to improve the efficiency of your detailing work flow. From working on automobiles, cars, trucks, and SUV's, to cleaning and polishing RV's, Boats, Planes, and more, the Detailer's Helper tool belt will help you do what you already do so well, even better! Designed to hold almost any product bottle currently on the market, no matter what brand of polish, cleaner, or supplies you use, you can be confident it'll fit in the Detailer's Helper tool belt.

This tool belt has the following awesome features:

Two Individual Supplies and Tools Bags

  • 32oz Bottle Bag
  • Interior Bag

Adjustable Belt - For waists up to 44", no plastic or metal buckles that can scratch paint.

Soft Cotton Fabric - Detailer's Helper belts are specifically designed to be paint-friendly, no metal, plastic, or harsh fabric has been used, so you can keep your paint scratch free!

Size Note - Our Standard belts fit up to a 44" waist. If you need a larger belt (48"-49" waist), one can be substituted, simply select the option for the larger belt.

*Some images and video depict previous logo or other tool belt configurations, all belts shipped with new logo.

If it's good enough for Air Force One...


We are confident that using a Detailer's Helper tool belt will save enough time to pay for itself in just a couple of jobs, so it's a sound investment. Even if you only save 10 minutes per detail, and do two details a day, that's 20 minutes per day you can save, so it won't take long to pay for the tool belt!

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