Cobra Shop Banner

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Dress Up Your Shop with an Awesome Banner!

  • High quality, heavy-duty vinyl
  • Full color
  • Available in 24"x36" or 36"x72"

We've had a bunch of requests for shop banners, posters, and the like. Our challenge has been finding something that is cost-effective to source and to ship, while making it cool enough to put up in a professional shop. We have many options for cool cars, and decided that we should just start close to home. This is Kevin Davis's personal car that has been a 6-year project.

These are high quality banners, full color, no grommets. We've tried to price them attractively, as the cost of producing these is quite high.

It's likely that we will continue to add additional cars, including some really cool ones from detailers around the world! We hope you will consider adding this banner to your shop, garage, or master bedroom (better ask your significant other first! ;->)

A little history of the Shelby AC Cobra, from which this Factory Five Racing replica is modeled:

In 1964 the most powerful AC Cobra entered production, the Cobra 427. The 427 used the 7 litre, big block Ford V8, which developed over 400bhp in standard form and could be tuned to even higher levels for track use. The chassis and suspension were redesigned to enable the car to cope with the huge power increase along with many smaller changes.

Later cars used a different 428 engine, although power levels were virtually the same. The Cobra 427/428 soon became legendary for its incredible acceleration and hair-raising handling characteristics. Today these cars enjoy "dream-car" status and there are many replicas available as well as the current production AC, now known as the Super Blower.

If you're interested in seeing the details of this replica build, visit Kevin's Build Site.

*Hot Rod photo credit:

Shipping Note - the banner may be folded for shipping, but they recover quickly after being unfolded and mounted.

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