Polisher Bag

  • $14.99

Increase the Capacity of Your Belt and Increase Safety with This Polisher Bag

For those looking to add the polisher bag from our HD Tool Belt to their Standard Tool Belt.


  • Reinforced Polisher Bag - Better Hands-Free Use of Your Tool Belt
  • Soft Cotton Fabric
  • Black or Red Piping/Accents

This is just the bag, purchase our full upgrade kit if you're looking for the bag, belt, and cover.

Polisher Bag Note - The bag is designed to be deep enough to ensure minimal strain is placed on the polisher cord. The head of the polisher rests on the bag, rather than the bottom of the polisher and cord inside the bag. In addition, the design is not intended that a detailer would carry the polisher in the bag for extended periods of time. We have used and tested the bag extensively, and can say the strain on the cord should not exceed that of regular use, storage, or any other strain that is regularly placed on polisher cords. However, proper precautions to protect the polisher should be taken.

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